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Custom Pallet Cottage Furniture

recycled pallet furniture

We manufacture furniture from reclaimed wood pallets. Warren Timbers makes a wide variety of products like T.V. Cabinets, Entertainment Cabinets, Display Cabinets, Wall Units, Coffee Tables, Mirror Dressing Tables and many more. Our clients include home owners, restaurants and guesthouses in the Koringberg, Malmesbury, Worchester, West Coast and Cape Town areas.

Latest Pallet Furniture Projects
Pallet Cabinet Unit
Pallet Cabinet Unit
Pallet Cabinet for Storage Open
Pallet Cabinet for Storage
pallet tv stand
Pallet TV Stand
Pallet Cabinet for Storage
Pallet Cabinet for Storage
pallet buffet
Pallet Buffet
pallet wall decor
Pallet Wall Decor
steel ring drawer pulls
Steel Ring Drawer Pulls
painted bulky 2 door 3 shelves cabinet
Bulky 2 Door 3 Shelve Cabinet
bulky 2 door 3 shelves cabinet
Bulky 2 Door 3 Shelve
bulky 4 drawer dresser cabinet
Bulky 4 Drawer Dresser Cabinet
bulky coffee table
Bulky Coffee Table
pallet 5 & 6 drawer dresser
Pallet 5 & 6 Drawer Dresser
pallet braai cabinets large
Pallet Braai Cabinets
pallet hallway cabinet
Pallet Hallway Cabinet
reclaimed wood bedside table
Reclaimed Wood Bedside Table
reclaimed timber bedside table
Reclaimed Wood Nightstand
reclaimed wood bookshelve with storage drawers
Pallet Wood Bookshelve
pallet bedside tables
Pallet Bedside Tables Pairs
pallet tv stand painted
Pallet TV Stand Painted
pallet tv stand 3 drawer
Pallet TV Stand 3 Dawer
pallet plasma stand 3 laai 900H
Pallet TV Stand 900H
pallet plasma stand 3 rak 900H
Pallet TV Stand 900H
rustic 3 drawer kitchen cabinet
Pallet 3drawer Cabinet
stand plasma pallet
Pallet Plasma Stand
Pallet plasma stand
Pallet Plasma Stand
plasma stand pallet
Plasma Stand Pallet
Pallet Pedastal
Pallet Pedastal
Pallet Chest
Pallet Chest
ses laai kas
Ses Laai Kas
Pallet table small
Pallet Table Small
Pallet winerack
Pallet Wine Rack
Pallet Kitchen Cabinet Rustic
Pallet Kitchen Cabinet Rustic


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